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What to Expect

•    My private office near Horsham is a comfortable, welcoming room, a safe, quiet space for us to work together

•    We’ll be working at your pace. I will aim to bring insight, empathy and understanding into the issues you are facing

•    Together, we’ll help to process the difficulties that have brought you to counselling. My objective is to work towards discovering deeper perspectives into what might be going on for you.


Next Steps

Should you wish to further explore the possibilities of counselling or have any queries regarding my approach, then the first step is to drop me an email. If at all possible, I’ll always try to respond within a day of receiving any given message. If, having received that, you’d like to arrange an initial session (online or in person), we can then discuss a mutually convenient time and date.

That initial meeting would be a trial session during which we can jointly see what it might be like to work together - and whether ongoing therapy with me might be helpful. My aim at this point is, as far as possible, to enable you to share issues you may be struggling with. And, at the same time, let me know what your expectations from counselling might be, so that you can feel comfortable before deciding to begin counselling.

If you choose to go ahead, our ongoing work will be once-weekly, and we will agree a fixed time and day for your sessions.


Next Steps
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